Ankush Chandran

Shirish Joshi

Assistant ProfessorKRVIA, Mumbai M.Arch. (Urban Planning)B.Arch. Researcher For Shirish teaching and learning is fundamental to the profession of architecture. One teaches to learn and in the process learns to teach. As a full time academic and part time consultant practitioner he has chosen to reverse the status quo of professional practice. Shirish believes that architectural

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George Jacob

Associate ProfessorKRVIA, Mumbai M.Arch. (Urban Design)B.Arch. Researcher I specialize in Urban Design, Architecture. I am interested in the study of indigenous communities, migration patterns, everyday urbanism and public life. I explore associational networks between region, people and objects and their constant shifts influencing built-forms. I work with communities and believe that it takes collective action

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Ankush Chandran

Assistant ProfessorKRVIA, Mumbai M.Arch. (Urban Design)B.Arch. Researcher Ankush Chandran holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. He has spearheaded Urban Research projects in Goa, as a Fellow at the Charles Correa Foundation. More recently, he has been a part of the BReUCom project (Building Resilient Urban Communities), co-funded by

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Rohan Shivkumar

Dean, Bachelors ProgramKRVIA, Mumbai M.Arch. (Urban Design)B.Arch. Project Coordinator Rohan believes that architecture and the city are the powerful indicators of culture. In them are represented the values system of a society, the aspirations it has for the future, along with its successes and failures. He believes that the academic space is a space to

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