Workshop: Mapping Change in Lahore’s Urbanized Villages

Mapping Change in Lahore’s Urbanized Villages

21 August —
05 September

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Application Deadline:
August 4, 2023

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August 10, 2023

This workshop is being organized by the Lahore team working on the UKRI-GCRF project “Navigating the grid in the world-class city: poverty, gender, and access to services in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka” and is being conducted in collaboration with IDEAS and Hyper—Practice.

An integral part of the Lahore sub-project includes documenting the ways in which villages that have been surrounded by private gated housing schemes around the edges of the city are impacted by the changes in landscape and land use around them. It seeks to study how communities navigate through these changes as well as how they negotiate and secure access to infrastructure and services. This necessitates documenting the villages spatially and physically to visualize the changes that take place in and around the village and the tangible as well as intangible impacts they have. This workshop will therefore explore the following questions:

  • How does the built fabric inside and around the village change and transform? What new forms and typologies are introduced? How are existing building typologies adjusted to accommodate a different set of requirements?
  • How does the spatial layout of the village transform once it is surrounded? What happens to the larger constellation of communal spaces around the villages once the village has been delimited with a boundary wall around the main homestead? What are the ways in which communal gatherings, such as weddings, funerals, etc. are impacted by this change?
  • What is the impact on infrastructure and service delivery inside the village? How does visible and invisible infrastructure transform over time? And how do they impact the quality of life within the village? How can we contrast infrastructure and service provision within and outside the village?

Invitation for Application:

We invite recent graduates or students majoring in architecture, urban design/planning or social sciences to participate in a 12-day workshop that will explore different frameworks of and approaches to documentation and mapping of communities undergoing change. We will explore methods in which the community is not just a subject, but an active participant in articulating and communicating the ways in which the above-mentioned aspects are experienced by different segments. The objective will to be produce representations in multiple mediums of the village in its altered existence as experienced through and because of its transformed spatial and physical design.

Participants will be issued a certificate at the conclusion of the workshop. They will also have a chance to showcase their work on the project website and publication(s) as well as at an exhibition to be organized in late 2023/early 2024.

The workshop will be held at IDEAS office in Gulberg, Lahore and will require field visits to our study sites.

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